Episode 32 - Liz Miele - How Did I Get Myself Into This?

No better way to ring in 2020 than with the hysterical, bad a*s, fitness junkie and fellow Italian, Liz Miele.  Asking the burning question "how did I get myself into this", she joins TMD to start the year off with a bang.  Spoiler alert....don't mess with her mom.  For the rest, you're going to need to listen.      

Episode 31 - Brian Moss of Spafford

We be jamming  and reminisce about growing up in NJ, confusing call outs about carpets thanks to Greg from PPPP and we discuss the art of puppetry.    Get down, and get funky and check out the band at www.spafford.net 

Episode 30 - Mike Finoia - Vacation in Puppet Land

TMD seemingly hits its stride, and jams into this one thanks to fellow Deadhead, Phishhead, live music fanatic and joker, Mike Finoia.   This one is too good to throw spoilers at you here, but we talked about everything from getting his breaks in Stand-Up and great advice to up and coming comics, to our incredible shared obsession with The Grateful Dead and all things live music.  Let's twirl.  

Episode 29 - Periel Aschenbrand “what the f*ck is this?”

What do you get when you try to answer the hard hitting question "What the F*CK is This? with 2 Mangina's and a gutter mouthed, outrageous and hilarious writer, comedian & producer of LIVE FROM THE TABLE, the Sirius Radio show and podcast for The Comedy Cellar. ANSWER - Peril Aschenbrand of course.   You don't have to be great at math to know it was all downhill from there...so buckle up and party on with us.   You never know what you are going to find in Tucson Arizona....it's 420 somewhere...

Episode 28 - Pigeons Playing Ping Pong’s Greg Ormont

TMD is getting the funk out!!   Joining us for a healthy dose of Alphabet Soup is Greg Ormont.  Vocalist, guitar player, scrambled not stirred, funk master general of the band Pigeons Playing Ping Pong.  If you like to party or have a good time of any kind, you need to get familiar with this band as they bring. it in the funkiest of. fashions.   We got the inside scoop on how the name really came about, 10 years worth of "over night" success, growing up on Long Island

Episode 27 - Steph & AJ Married at First Sight

TMD may have met their match with this one.   Steph & AJ called in to pop their podcast cherry and light the place on fire with laughter.   Reality TV junkies, and risk takers alike will love this one for sure.  We talk everything from "what were you thinking?" to "when did IT happen?" and literally everything in between.  Our sides still hurt.  We may have outdone ourselves with this one... 

Episode 26 - Downward Dogs with Kaitlyn Murphy

TMD finally caught up with multi talented dancer, turned yoga instructor turned hysterical stand-up comedian, digital dating influencer ........  the one and only face maker extraordinaire Kaitlyn Murphy.... (still a great dancer & yoga instructor)....  When the dust settled, we talked about keeping on schedule, triple booking yourself, dating in the suburbs, and her favorite local restaurants....and some comedy....  check it out...namaste.

Episode 25 - Aug Stone, Change & Nothing Stays the Same

TMD caught up with Aug back in the early fall to talk about his life, starting out in New England, finding his way from Boston to London, to LA, and back to CT its a heck of an interesting journey.  Music, Movies, Writing.  Ego's, alter-ego's... its totally off the chain... get your ticket to ride....its free...I'll Wait.

Episode 24 - Rich Aronovitch - Rich is Funny

RichisFunny....and thats a fact!   TMD chats with Rich Aronovitch about Judaism, name branding, and a hundred other things all funny.   Our faces hurt after this one.  Without giving too much away, you just need to listen, and laugh for yourself.    

Episode 23 - Mike Hatton Academy Award Winner, Question mark

Southern California brush fires, faulty Apple products, bad cell phone connections couldn't stop critically ashamed Academy Award Winner? Mike Hatton from getting his time in with TMD.  Co-Star of Green Book, we chat about what does and doesn't constitute winning the Academy Award, Gary Busey, and all kinds of other things about being a blue eyed midwestern boy in sunny Socal.  

Episode 21 - Jay Blakesberg Always Looking For That Spark

Nothing left to do, but smile, smile, smile.   TMD got lucky to steal some time with Jay before his retrospective slide show at The Warehouse in Fairfield, CT.  A personal thrill for TheGregalcious, fellow Deadheads geek out over the Grateful Dead, growing up in New Jersey, Jay's new book "Jerry Garcia, Secret Space of Dreams" and other tasty treats.   

Episode 19 - Shapel Lacey in Four Bars

Three cheers for TMD and getting a chance to chat with Shapel.  Punk Rock fan, ex collegiate cheerleader, and insanely funny stand up comedian, we talk about the best breakfast sandwich meats, living in LA, how he got into punk rock, and how you an parlay a bellman gig, into opening a weekend of shows for Bill Burr.    

Episode 18 - Beer Me! with New Haven Nighthawks Brewing

TMD holds the prestigious acknowledgement of now being the first comedy podcast on ice thanks to New Haven Nighthawks Brewing and the Hat City "On Tap" Beer Festival.   Broadcasting from the ice rink at the Danbury Arena, we had some fun, and beers with the founders of the beer and the guys behind resurrecting the brand.  Come for a lap around the rink with us and get some history on the team the beer is named after and maybe a picture from Nick Scopes high school yearbook.   ALL SKATE!

Episode 17 - Punkie Johnson it’s Hammer Time!

Thank you for blessing me with a mind to rhyme and two hype feet.....TMD scored another hot one welcoming firecracker Punkie Johnson to the 900# Mangina call-in hotline.  How lucky are we to grab The Comedy Store paid regular while she is in the process of blowing up.   You can see her on Crank Yankers, Light Out with David Spade, and some upcoming film with super star we cant tell you about....

Episode 16 - Harley Flanagan IS Hardcore!

Buckle the f*cK up and get with TMD for the wildest ride yet with Harley Flanagan, founder of the hardcore band, Cro-Mags.   No horsing around, we talk about the impossible sausage (?) available at Dunkin, Lemmy coming to us in dreams, the discipline of jiu-jitsu, jail, touring with the Misfits reunion shows and most importantly, setting the record straight on the legal battles over the name Cro-Mags.  

Episode 15 - Jahan - Tales From a Bird Scooter

TMD catches up with our tallest guest to date, live from LA on the (new) call in hotline, co-producer of The Big Show from the world famous Improv in Hollywood, breakfast sandwich good guy, the only person we know who has gotten stitches from a Bird Scooter accident, and a bad a** stand up comedian,  the one and only Jahan.   We chat about what's its like trying to crack the LA comedy scene, and what's its like to have disappointed parents.  

Episode 13 - Bro Science with Andrew Ginsburg

TMD gets pumped up to sit down with Andrew to talk about what's its like to get back into stand up after moving to the suburbs and an extended hiatus to have a kid.  Bro Science, and what's its like having muscles that have muscles that have muscles.  Stick around, this episode is jacked.   

Episode 12 - Keeping up with Dani Daniels & Vic Cipolla

THD brings the (vacant) house down with Dani Daniels and husband Vic Cipolla. We talk everything from hip hop puppet videos, Vic's book "Wait For The Corn" to all aspects of "the business" and what sites to "support".  Strap it on, and come join us to see what's in the box with two of the funniest people we have had the pleasure of chatting with.

Episode 1 - The Pilot

What started it all......be afraid,,,be very afraid